Informations about care



Registration is made in writing by means of a childcare contract, which is signed by both parties. The contract concluded with the parents is binding.



Familiarisation is an important time for the child and the parents. Duration and form therefore depend on the needs of the child and are discussed in advance between parents and caregiver. As a rule, about 2 weeks are planned for the familiarisation period.



Parents are responsible for preparing the following for their child:
Weather appropriate day wear, house shoes, season appropriate spare clothes, rain gear as well as rain boots and nappies.

Everything else, such as toothbrushes, various care products, powdered milk, vegetable and fruit porridge we prepare ourselves, etc., is provided by the children's home.

We do not take responsibility for toys brought into the children's house.



A good flow of information is very important to us. In addition to personal exchanges, it is also important to us to keep parents up to date with information about the LOKI children's house. Therefore, current and important information for parents (e.g. about children's groups, team, regulations, etc.) is regularly sent by e-mail.


Promotion of Independence

The older children (3 years and older) are no longer accompanied by a caregiver around the clock during free play. They are sometimes allowed to play in selected groups in a room or in the separate play room (Depi), without permanent supervision. This is to promote independence and give children the opportunity to solve interpersonal issues without an adult (social behaviour). The children's group is of course observed and supervised at regular intervals.



A varied daily routine for the children is very important to us. In addition to free play and guided activities, we make various excursions by public transport, LOKI-bus or private cars to various playgrounds, the forest, farm, etc.



Ill children must not be brought to the LOKI to avoid infecting other children. In case of illness of the child in the children's house, the parents will be notified immediately. In the event of an emergency, your child will be cared for by the family doctor in charge or by a doctor from the surrounding area. Medication will only be given without parental consent in acute emergencies if the parents cannot be reached.  Allergies and other sensitivities must be discussed at the time of admission. Likewise, the children's home management must be informed about contagious diseases in the family.



We kindly ask you to deregister your child early if he/she cannot come to LOKI. Holidays or longer absences should be reported to the group leader in advance.


Additional Care

In consultation with the group leader, it is possible to have the child cared for on an additional day, either full or half-day, depending on the workload.


Changes in the relationship of care

Changes to the days of care must be communicated to the Kinderhaus management at an early stage and cannot always be guaranteed immediately, depending on the workload. A reduction of the relationship of care must be communicated in writing (by letter or mail) at least two months in advance. If the childcare slot can be filled earlier, an earlier reduction is also possible. Changes or an increase in the number of days of care are only possible if there are still places available on the desired day.



Cancellation must be made in writing (by letter or e-mail) at the end of the month. The cancellation period is two months. This must be adhered to. Otherwise, the deposit is used to settle the outstanding invoice amount. If the care contract is cancelled before the start of childcare relationship, a notice period of two months must also be observed. Otherwise, the monthly rate will be charged.


Hygiene and safety

The legal requirements for hygiene and safety are regularly checked. The required fire protection regulations comply with the legal guidelines.
A child will not be handed over to a third party unless the care team has been expressly informed in advance by the parents.



The parents need a liability insurance and are responsible for the child's health insurance. The children's house has a business liability insurance.