Price structure

Price composition

In addition to educational support and meals, the price also includes excursions and various care products.


Price range for babies up to 18 months

Gross taxable income




Regardless of income

CHF 130.00

CHF 91.00

CHF 78.00


Price range for children from 19 months

The prices are calculated according to the current gross taxable income.

Gross taxable income




up to CHF 100'000

CHF 110.00

CHF 77.00

CHF 66.00

CHF 100'001 to 110’000

CHF 115.00

CHF 80.50

CHF 69.00

CHF 110'001 to 125’000

CHF 120.00

CHF 84.00

CHF 72.00

from CHF 125'001

CHF 125.00

CHF 87.50

CHF 75.00


Composition of income

The following is added to the gross taxable income of both parents: Additional earnings, alimony, disability pensions, scholarships, social aid, support contributions, orphans' and half-orphans' pensions, widows' and widowers' pensions, etc.

We would be grateful if you could provide us with copies of the following documents unsolicited or inform us if your gross taxable income is over CHF 125,001:

  • Last year's pay slip (if the salary is still current) or the last three pay slips of both parents
  • Additional documents listed above (if available)
  • EBV: Test form from the school administration Dietikon

The information will be kept strictly confidential.


Subsidised places (EBV)

The LOKI children's house has a limited number of subsidised places. Parents residing in Dietikon, have the possibility to apply for subsidies (EBV) at the city of Dietikon.

In order to calculate the monthly parental fee, parents must contact the Early Childhood Centre at Bremgartnerstrasse 22, Dietikon with the necessary documents (see "Composition of income"). A test form will then be created on which the monthly rate can be seen.

The city of Dietikon calculates with following care percentages:

  • Full-day care: 100%
  • Half-day care morning with lunch: 70%
  • Half-Day Care Afternoon: 50%

The monthly rate is calculated by the city as follows: Subsidised care rate x number of days per week x 4.2.

At the parental fee per month can be determined by the parents themselves.

More detailed information on subsidies can be found at:

In case of additional care, the regular price of CHF 110 will be charged.


Payments arrangement

The monthly price is calculated from: Care rate x number of days per week x 4.

In the monthly price, the company holidays and public holidays are already deducted, as only 48 out of 52 weeks have to be paid in the year.

The monthly price is payable in advance on the 1st of each month. Any additional days of care will be charged in arrears.


Reservation of a childcare place

Free childcare places can be reserved. If these are reserved more than two months in advance, the Kinderhaus will charge a reservation fee of CHF 200. This amount is non-refundable.

If a childcare place is reserved for another child, no reservation fee has to be paid.


Paying a deposit

Parents pay a deposit of one month's fees on admission, which is refunded on termination of the childcare relationship, provided there are no outstanding debts.

For families with more than one child, a deposit must be paid for each child.


Admission fee

A one-time admission fee of CHF 100 is paid in cash upon the child's admission to cover administrative expenses and familiarisation.

For families with more than one child, an admission fee must be paid for each child.


Sibling discount

For each additional child cared for at Kinderhaus LOKI, parents receive a 10% discount on the monthly fee of the older child (except for subsidised places).


Care costs in case of absence

The costs for the agreed care times will also be charged if the child is absent (illness, holidays).

In case of longer absence (from 1 month), parents receive 50% discount on the monthly price.

Holidays as well as vacation days cannot be compensated.


Reporting changes

Please notify us of any changes in your place of residence or employment, as well as any changes in your income. Anyone who does not provide Kinderhaus with this information, or provides false information, risks losing the childcare place.