Pedagogical Principles

Our goals and values for the children

Personal development

We support each child's personality development in a need-oriented way through an open and guided offer. We therefore offer them:

  • guided group activities
  • various excursions
  • adequate space for independent play
  • Attention through open, positive and unprejudiced encounters

It is important to us to build good and supportive relationships with the children. They should develop enough confidence to express their needs and feel comfortable.


Social Development

The child should learn to recognise and respect that every person has their own personality. They should learn to recognise and represent their needs and to express their joys and disappointments. In the case of educational difficulties in everyday life, especially on the behavioural level, we separate between difficult behaviour of the child and his or her person. We are concerned that the children learn to deal with reactions to their behaviour (frustration tolerance and the ability to deal with conflicts). Transparent and well thought-out group rules and the discussion of them are part of the design of the social area of our children's house. Rules give children security and orientation. It is particularly important for us that:

  • Conflicts among themselves are resolved without violence
  • the children treat each other and their toys respectfully
  • they use a cultivated conversational language

We refer to the children's resources and not their deficits. Therefore we want:

  • strengthen them in their self-confidence
  • encourage and motivate them in difficult situations
  • support and accompany them in coping with everyday situations


Physical Development

We encourage the children in their language, imagination, creativity, motor activity and their senses:

  • with games, gymnastics, romping and dancing
  • with age and development appropriate games
  • with music-making and singing
  • with telling stories
  • with handicrafts and painting
  • with cooking and baking
  • etc.

In addition to the various activities, we offer the children appropriate free spaces in which they can pursue their individual play.


Our values in the cooperation with parents

It is important to us that your child feels comfortable with us and that you have the assurance that your child is in good hands at Kinderhaus LOKI. A prerequisite for this is a good cooperation between the parents and the team. In order to be able to respond adequately to the individual situation of the child, the following points are necessary for us:

  • mutual trust
  • open and transparent communication
  • good flow of information through daily exchange
  • support and advise on education issues
  • conduct parent events
  • if necessary, conduct meetings with parents about the developmental status of the child


Our values in teamwork

We are convinced that constructive cooperation within the team has a positive effect on the atmosphere and the children's behaviour. Our cooperation is characterized by:

  • openness and transparency
  • honesty
  • mutual trust
  • the ability to deal with conflicts
  • flexibility

Regular exchange, team meetings and qualification discussions ensure professional cooperation. Our employees continue their education with at least one further training course per year.


Our cooperation with other care facilities

The children's house networks with other day nurseries, kindergartens etc. An interdisciplinary cooperation enables new insights and experiences to flow into the work. Another goal of the regular exchange is to provide mutual support.